Bed & Color Fertilization


Elements and bio-stimulants* are blended to coincide with the season and the mixture is customized to your bed’s individual needs.


Two applications per year: April & October. OR applied as needed to individual plants or flower beds.


A mixture of synthetic natural, organic elements -with micronutrients added as needed – is customized to optimize the growth of your color plants.

  • The RHS Color Fertilization program is similar to a greenhouse approach, spoon feeding color plants to their specific needs.
  • The color fertilization program also includes full bed service: weeding, grooming, trimming, etc.


Mychorrhizal Fungi

●  Inhabits plant roots and forms a symbionic relationship with the plant.

●  The beneficial fungi increases the surface of of a tree’s roots, thus increasing the volume of soil from which the tree can absorb water and elements.

●  Reduces stress to a tree caused by drought, compaction, high soil temperature, salinity, toxins and extreme pH levels.