Tree Fertilization

The RHS tree fertilization program is a natural, slow releasing blend of fertilizer.

Bio-stimulants are added to help with fertilizer balance, water intake and stress demands.*

This program gives your trees a constant supply of the elements necessary for steady growth. Each application is customized for your tree’s individual needs.

  • Formula includes slow releasing synthetic organic nitrogen.
  • 90 percent is NOT water soluble; fertilizer will not leach or disipate outside the root zone before it’s used
  • Fertilizer will NOT leach into gutter or the water table; Mixture does NOT give trees sudden, unhealthy flush of growth
  •  High Carbon ratios stimulate microorganism activity in your soil & enables trees to better utilize all elements and nutrients
  • This fertilizer is only released by soil temperature and microbe activity


Three applications per year – July, November and March.


  • Mycorrhizal Fungi:

Inhabits plant roots and forms a symbionic relationship with the plant

The beneficial fungi increases the surface of of a tree’s roots, thus increasing the volume of soil from which the tree can absorb water and elements

Reduces stress to a tree caused by drought, compaction, high soil temperature, salinity, toxins and extreme pH levels

  • Beneficial soil bacteria:

Assists with decomposition of organic material into soluble minerals, which can be used by plants

Some bacterium can fix Nitrogen from the atmosphere; others solubilize phosphorus for healthier growth increase and efficient water uptake